Wednesday, 13 October 2010

my first uni project for level 2

i got my brief and i was really excited with it. It was advertizing. The object of this brief is to pitch our ideas and design four billboard adverts. Now we had to pick a brand from a hat and whilst some of my fellow peers got levis, Nike, Next and some great brands ... I got .... have you guessed it? The effing Conservative Party. Jesus Christ, how on earth do you promote an advertizing campaign - with slogan - for a group of half-assed bigots? It was a gruelling research faze, trailing through all the policies. To my amazement, for a group so interested in our children and their future: the Conservative Party dosen't have any policies on bullying. So there I went ... what a great angle. my research told me that, in this country, there are more deaths by suicide due to bullying than deaths by car crash within young adults: 18-24. Amazing. So there are plenty of government campaigns against speeding, drink driving and so on. Anyway these are my four billboard design. imagine driving down the road, then reading these. They are suppossed to be hard-hitting and to the point. I have used classic Helvetica to really make this stand out.

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