Monday, 27 September 2010

summer project lol ... bit late

For my summer project, which I'm beginning a week before I start level 2 uni, I had the word alienate to play on and to produce an open visual response. The reason I have left the project till the last minute is because I am now in full swing and my creative mojo is back. I finished level one with some very strong work and ideas and I feel this idea is going to be my strongest yet. I have been playing around in my sketch book and coming up with some ideas ... and - yes - it will involve a sign, which i have been roughly playing around with in Ai, a cumberland sausage, a camera and my block of flats. My ideas have been pointing towards the question of why we alienate dogs for their mess when we should be having a go at their ignorant owners. So, all in all, I will be trying to produce a poster highlighting this, although I'm not to sure whether the outcome will change in due course. I will update ...

Sunday, 26 September 2010